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A community dedicated to the actor Kei Tanaka.
Welcome to the community related to all things related to Kei Tanaka, a place to discuss and share things about the Japanese actor, created and maintained by akumanakoi. If you don't know who this guy is, or want to know more, then you can see a pimp post I did in my own journal, here. As well as being a place for fans to gather, I'm hoping to turn this community into a great resource for him, so I'm going to be working on various things to upload here.

As for things you can post, here are some suggestions~

♥ News
♥ Discussion
♥ Icons
♥ Picspam
♥ Anything else you can think of~

Just be respectful, towards both Kei and the community's other members, be friendly, get along, and post any large images under LJ-cuts, to save people's friendslists. And that's all there is to it. <3

Please tag all posts appropriately in order to keep things organised.

Anything important I post will use the !modpost tag. :]
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