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Master post of Kei's TV appearences
akumanakoi wrote in tanakakei
I've been on a mission to find the videos I had uploaded here before, as well as gathering new ones. Rather than starting a new entry for each video, I'm going to post them all here as a master post. New videos I upload from this point will have their own posts, but I'll also link them here as well. It just means if I ever have the same issue again with another server, because I'll keep all the videos on my computer, it'll be easier for me to re-link them.

In the mean time, if anyone has downloaded things from me previously and still has them, and you don't see them here, I would definitely appreciate the help re-uploading them.

(this is under construction now, I'm still working on getting things up here. You should see things keep being added!)

2013/05/05 - Osareism (Undead or Alive promotion)
2013/03/23 - Hokkaido TV (X DAY movie promotion)
2012/03/03 - SmaStation
2012/01/26 - Hapikuru (.hack movie promotion)
2011/08/24 - PON! (.hack movie promotion)
2008/07/01 - Talent Data Bank


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