Master post of Kei's TV appearences
I've been on a mission to find the videos I had uploaded here before, as well as gathering new ones. Rather than starting a new entry for each video, I'm going to post them all here as a master post. New videos I upload from this point will have their own posts, but I'll also link them here as well. It just means if I ever have the same issue again with another server, because I'll keep all the videos on my computer, it'll be easier for me to re-link them.

In the mean time, if anyone has downloaded things from me previously and still has them, and you don't see them here, I would definitely appreciate the help re-uploading them.

(this is under construction now, I'm still working on getting things up here. You should see things keep being added!)

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Kei to play his X DAYS character in the 11th season of Aibou.
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Kei will be appearing in the 11th series of the drama Aibou, as his character from the drama spin-off movie Aibou: X DAY which is released in March. He will be appearing in the 17th story, which will air on February 27th. One of the stars of this drama is Narimiya Hiroki, and although both he and Kei have been in a large number of dramas (and in fact appeared in the same drama once) they have never actually met in character... perhaps this could change? We will see~

[scans] TV Taro 2012/11/28 - 2012/12/31
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Download here @ walk_everywhere

[translation] Tanaka Kei staff blog - 12/12/31
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This is my first translation of Kei's staff blog, which features on his mobile site. Hopefully I'll be able to provide these as often as possible, but just to mention, the site is here, costs 315 yen per month, and can be paid for with international credit cards/debit cards (I tried with mine). You can access the site on your smartphone or computer, and the site features exclusive pictures, interviews, news, as well as his personal and staff blogs, so it's well worth it.

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Pre-new year update about Kei's upcoming projects.
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Happy almost-new year everyone and thanks for continuing to keep an eye on this community, even though I've been somewhat failing with my mod duties as of late One of my new year resolutions is to update this place more often again, instead of just keeping all my stuff about him in my head, because I spent a lot of time getting all this information and remembered how much I loved hunting it all out. I thought the best way to start before it gets to the new year, would be to give a recap on some things I may have missed, announcements about his projects for the new year. So here goes~


The new year has only just started, but Kei already has four movies announced (it's not unusual for him to have a lot going on at once, but I think this is the most he's had all at once in a while).

The first to be released will be Minasan, Sayonara which has a release date of January 26th. There's actually not a lot of information around about this movie (although there is a trailer on the official site, which I've linked above), but his character's name will be Horita. As far as I'm aware, he's not a very big character in this movie.

On 23rd March, X Day will be released. Out of all of the movies, this will be the biggest for him as he has one of the two starring roles. This movie is based on the Aibou series. Kei's character is called Iwatsuki Akira.

Then on 27th April, Library Wars will be released. This movie is based on the anime of the same name, although I'm not sure if it is a direct translation of the movie or a different story (I'm waiting on information on the characters to see if they match). Information about the anime version can be found here.

The final one doesn't have a release date or much other information yet, but is called The Sango Ranger and will be released some time in the summer. From vaguely translating a very short plot summary, I have gathered that the movie is about a group of people (rangers!!) trying to stop construction of a bridge that will destroy a coral reef.


Kei will be appearing in the drama Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou which will air on Mondays at 9pm, beginning on January 14th. It is a drama based on the manga of the same name and will star Gouriki Ayame and AKIRA. Kei's character will be called Kasai (the full name is 笠井菊哉 but I can't work out what the first name is).

And as far as other shows go, Kei will be appearing on Oh my God on January 1st and TOKIO Kakeru on January 9th.

Other rumours/notes/etc:

Actually, I heard about this a while back but nothing since, so I'm really hoping it's still going ahead. It was mentioned on his mobile site a while back that he was going to be reuniting with the rest of the cast from Kosodate Play (Ohkuchi Kengo, Fujushi Seiji and Hiromasa Taguchi) for a new stage play. Rumours are it's to be performed in May, with tickets going on sale in March. The storyline is said to be a comedy about a group of people hiding away in an Italian restaurant during a zombie invasion. I hope some more will be announced about this soon.

Kei will be appearing in various magazines in January for movie promotion, including +act and +act mini.

I'm going to get on with scanning all the recent magazines I haven't scanned, once I return to Japan after the new year, so look out for them. I'm also hoping to try and start translating Kei's blog and staff blog. I'm looking for some help for this, so if anyone is interested in a nice translating project, let me know? I want to translate his past ones and future ones as well.

Kei in new movie "The Sango Ranger".
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Kei's official site has announced a new movie he will be in, called "The Sango Ranger". There aren't many details yet (the picture I've posted above is basically what is on the website right now) but it will be released in Summer 2013.

Kei to be reunited with Kosodate Play staff for stage play.
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It has been tentatively announced that Kei will be reunited with the cast of Kosodate Play (Ohkuchi Kengo, Fukushi Seiji and Taguchi Hiromasa) for a comedy horror stage play centred around a group of people trying to survive in an Italian Restaurant during a zombie siege. The title will be "Undead or Anne Alive" (or that's what the katakana seems to suggest~

The play will be performed in May 2013, with tickets going on sale in March.

I'll bring more details when they're released. :3

Kei to appear in October drama Doctor X
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Kei will be appearing in drama Doctor X which will air in October in the Thursday 9pm slot. His character's name will be Hikaru Morimoto, a clumsy novice surgeon.

Kei to star in movie Aibou Series: X DAY
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Kei will be starring alongside Kazuhisa Kawahara in Aibou Series: X DAY, which is a spin off of the drama series Aibou. His character name Iwatsuki Akira, and he will play one of the two lead detective roles. The movie is set to be released in Spring 2013.

The official site for the drama is here, but is pretty empty right now.

An apology, and a stage play report.
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I'm sorry I've been somewhat absent around here recently - Kei is still living and working, but I needed to take a break from posting so much because I found myself with too many other things to work on. However, the reason I'm here now is that I saw Kei on stage last week and it's reminded me how important keeping this place going is, so I'm going to work on catching up on everything I have to post, and make sure I schedule updating here into my life again.

In the meantime, while I get on with that, here is a report from the stage play, Kamatsuka ji, sugui ageru which I saw three times last week.


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